River Reward Cotton Canvas Hat
River Reward Cotton Canvas Hat

River Reward Cotton Canvas Hat

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Front and center: The bold embroidered patch displays a black bear silhouetted against the swirling waters of a Pacific Northwest waterway, with a salmon clenched within the bear's jaws. It is an age-old spectacle in our region, and may we have the sense and strength to protect our ecosystems so such scenes may continue to unfold forever-more.

With the River Reward design finely articulated in blue-grays with gold highlights and black shadows, the resulting patch is precisely hand-stitched to a rich, caramel-brown organic cotton canvas cap. The quality of the fabric, with it's natural texture and substantial-but-supple structure, is apparent. There is no mimicking the look and feel of canvas, which is at once tactile, rugged and nostalgic.

This adjustable adult unisex hat is suitable for most wearers, including kids above the age of 10 or so. It can be sized by way of a nylon webbing and buckle system that we have selected for its functionality and outdoorsy look... just a bit more suiting than a snapback. The cap's cotton twill bill and it's underside are black, with the fabric selection a perfect contrast to the body of the cap. You can probably tell we are are proud of this hat series and have invested much attention to detail!

Designed on Vancouver Island and manufactured in Vancouver BC. We create our original artwork through a combination of hand-drawn and digital methods, using subjects that are inspired by real life on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia.