Tszuj Beverage Co. Cocktail Rimmer

Tszuj Beverage Co. Cocktail Rimmer

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Up your cocktail game in a pinch!  Or a twist rather.  Simply wet the rim of your glass with water , citrus juice or a syrup of choice, dip into the rimmer mix in the tin and twist.

100% natural ingredients, shake before use. 4oz. 

Tutti Frutti: A tantalizing blend of Cane Sugar, Hibiscus, Lime and Sea Salt.

Smoke Show: A dazzling blend of Smoked Salt, Grapefruit, Sumac and Jalapeño.

Limelight: A delectable blend of Sea Salt, Lime Zest, Mint, and Cane Sugar.

Hail Caesar: A savory blend of Sea Salt, Dried Vegetables, Herbs and Spices!