Peacock and Lime Citrine Sky Gazer and  Night Gazer Necklace

Peacock and Lime Citrine Sky Gazer and Night Gazer Necklace

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Give your outfit a quick, energetic, pick-me-up with the sunny citrine skygazer necklace and bring along your own uplifting good vibes wherever you go. The crescent moon, full  moon and summer triangle, along with a single citrine crystal piece combine to make a stylish long pendant, attached to a simple, gold-plated chain. The power of positivity and the burst of bright energy this necklace exudes is sure to warm your thoughts and your look at the same time. 

If stepping out under the night sky searching for stars is more your style - the amethyst night skygazer necklace may be just the right piece to transform your outfit! With the same components as above, but darkened with patina and incorporating an amethyst crystal - long used historically as an amulet for protection - the amethyst's purple and lavender hues give off a sense of soothing and grounding, but in an uplifting way. A perfect way to solidify your style.

  • chose from either bright brass & citrine, or antiqued brass & amethyst
  • satin gold-plated chain, or antiqued brass chain length measures approx. 28" (71.1 cm)
  • pendant measures approx. 3" (7.62 cm)
  • easily slips over the head, there is no clasp
  • each crystal piece is unique and variances will occur in size, shape & colour