Epic Blend Bubble Bath
Epic Blend Bubble Bath
Epic Blend Bubble Bath

Epic Blend Bubble Bath

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Add a generous amount into the tub under warm running water. Enjoy the scent bloom, watch the oasis of bubbly amazingness form. Sink in. Soak. Relax.


Looking for a way to relax? Gotcha covered. Relax your body and your mind in a luxurious paradise of calming lavender and chamomile scented bubbly amazingness. Treat yo self!


Silky bubbles and a delicious scent? Yes please. A gentle bubble blend combined with moisturizing glycerin, plus chamomile, calendula and green tea extracts to indulge and nourish your skin. Bubbly bliss awaits!


 Feel like floating away on clouds made of candy and cream? Right this way! Our Candy Clouds bubble bath is the bubbly sweet treat you’ve been looking for. A gentle bubble blend made with hydrating glycerin, skin-soothing extracts, and a creamy candy scent. Turn every bath into an indulgent luxury at-home spa experience.