Baby Boos Handheld Teething Rattle

Baby Boos Handheld Teething Rattle

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The combination of wood and silicone provides the perfect sensory mixture of hard and soft textures for babies. The smooth and perfectly squishy silicone beads provide ease while helping to soften the gums, gums, and the wood provides the right amount of hardness to help pop those teeth through, which is sitting right at the surface. The combination is a dream for sore gums.

Each Teething Rattle is made from 15mm round silicone beads, 2 treated organic beechwood wooden rings and 1  x 21 mm diameter round treated beechwood wooden beads. The unique design and the way the item is made and assembled, ensure each item passes all safety requirements. Each bead has a knot underneath it, for safety.

Made from the highest quality, silky soft food grade silicone: BPA FREE, phthalates FREE, cadmium FREE, lead and heavy metals FREE. FDA-approved, CPSC compliant. NO smell & NO taste.

The teether can be easily cleaned with mild, baby-safe soap and warm water, and lay flat to dry. Every three months you can apply coconut oil to the wooden parts to help keep the wood treated to allow for all that drool! You can tell when the wood needs coconut oil when it looks like it has dry patches. This is normal.

NOT freezer or dishwasher safe. Do not boil or leave submerged in water.